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It’s the second week of November. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Christmas is 41 days away. That does not leave me a lot of time to get my family shopping done. Working full time eliminates any shopping during the week. The mall is already starting to fill with crowds on the weekend. What’s a mom to do that wants awesome gifts without a lot of spare time to hunt for them?
Shop Your Way Personal Shopper program to the rescue!

I used to love to go shopping on black Friday. My mom started the tradition early in our house. It was a day that started after breakfast, and we shopped until well after dinner. I loved those shopping excursions, but every year the time to shop gets earlier and earlier. This year there will be stores open on Thursday before all the dinner dishes are done. Whew! That’s just about the time I want to relax and sit down from cooking and entertaining all day. That’s why I love online shopping!

Instead of making the mad dash for all the advertised deals under a turkey haze like everyone else, I plan to stay right at home and relax.  I can get cozy in my sweats, sign in to  SHOP YOUR WAY and start shopping in my own personally created catalogs.  I have already started reviewing Sears’  Black Friday circular HERE and loading up my catalogs.  I have wish lists for the kids, my husband, and of course the kitchen.

The Personal Shopper by SHOP YOUR WAY program is a way to boost your income and help your friends and family save time and money.  You’ll earn 1% commission on all qualifying purchases made by your clients. If you have 20 or more clients who make a purchase you are eligible to earn an additional 1% commission as long as your client uses their SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS membership number when purchasing online or in a store. On the 15th of each month Sears will send you a check for commission you earned in the previous month, as long as that commission is $20 or more. If you earned less than $20 commission, they will carry over the total amount we owe to the next calendar month or months.

Why be the only one relaxing while you shop the Black Friday sales online, when all your family and friends can be too.  You also have an opportunity to earn rewards points with your own purchases. The rewards points can be redeemed for discounts off of future purchases.  Who doesn’t want to make their money go further around the holidays, or anytime of year for that matter.

Ready to sign yourself up to be a personal shopper with Shop Your Way too.  It’s completely FREE!  If you want to take advantage of great shopping opportunites at Shop Your Way and become a Personal Shopper yourself, use this link to sign up:

Still have questions, read about the Terms of Service and more HERE.



Disclosure: I recieved compensation for sharing this post and the information contained. All opinions expresses are mie alone.





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