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I struggle to work out on a regular basis. Yes, I go to the park with the kids, swim in the pool, but I never really schedule any specific time to workout. That needs to change. I am over 40, and need to focus on my health, not only for myself, but for my children. I need to build a routine like my friend, Marisa, killing the Couch to 5K program with her husband!

To gain some momentum, I need to take baby steps.  I need to think back to how I potty trained my kids. Ok. Stop laughing. I have a point. I promise.

I tried verbal praise, stickers, happy dances, everything, and nothing worked. What did work…a reward.  So I am revamping that proven method, and applying it to myself. Every month I complete a set number of pre-determined workouts, I would like to reward myself with an awesome fitness focused accessory for my Blackberry Z10.

I already consistently wear my cool Fitbit Zip, and keep track of my steps with the app.

fitbit Zip

So what’s next?  Maybe the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale?

The Fitbit Aria Scale will upload my personal data through Wi-Fi directly to my Fitbit dashboard. SO cool! The scale not only tracks weight, but also body fat, and BMI. Plus, using my account, I can track my progress with all sorts of charts and graphs. I am a visual person, so this is a great option for me to inspire motivation.

Or maybe the Scosche RHYTHM armband pulse monitor would be a good reward.

Scosche RHYTHM armband pulse monitor

Scosche RHYTHM armband pulse monitor simply attaches to the forearm. There are no bulky chest straps or wires to mess with while you are working out. The monitor manages heart rate, calories, distance, speed, music and more from the RHYTHM App. I can also share workout details through Facebook or twitter. Well hello accountability! I need more of that to maintain a workout routine for sure!

All of these incredible devices from Verizon would be awesome incentives to inspire and motivate me into a stronger fitness routine.  You can find even more unique devices and accessories from Verizon on their main site, or check their regular updates on Facebook.


What would be the first device you would choose as a reward to keep your workout routine on track?


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