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You may have noticed around this blog I have a little obsession with food.  I could talk, write, and make food for hours.  I love spending time in the kitchen as long as I am not doing the dishes.

As a parent, I need to make good choices for my children when it comes to what fuels their little bodies.  A good way to help my children eat a healthier diet, is to buy organic. Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives.  Lately, there have been quite a few infographics circulating around my social circles making reference to the Organic “Dirty Dozen”…the 12 Most Contaminated Foods.  Here’s the list if you need a fast reference.

Organic Dirty Dozen

What I don’t see on the list is milk.  My kids (and husband) drink milk every night with dinner.  Dairy products, like milk, are among the most naturally nutrient-rich, and full of vitamins and minerals, perfect for growing little bodies. Horizon Organic uses no synthetic pesticides, no added growth hormones, no GMOs or cloning, and no antibiotics in their milk. If my family is drinking milk every day, consuming organic milk is probably the way to go.  Horizon Organic even offers a Lactose-Free milk, that provides the same organic dairy, without lactose concerns.

Horizon Organic recently shared this super cute video making it simple to identify some of the fruits and vegetables that are best to buy organic.  My kids loved watching the video, and after seeing it a few times, they were singing right along.  Check it out for yourself!

Just like I regularly involve my kids in the kitchen to cook, I also want them to learn what foods are best for them, and give the most benefits to their health.  Baby eats most fruits and veggies, and is always willing to try new ones, especially when she helps me pick them out at the local farm market.  She’s a mini-foodie in training.  Too bad the same venturesome gene wasn’t passed to Jed too, who for the last two years, has preferred the minimalist style diet consisting mainly of cereal bars, drinkable yogurt, pasta, and an occasional serving of fruit.

I’m glad it’s Summer, and fresh fruit is at it’s peak.  It’s the perfect time of year to make this Summerberry Smoothie recipe with the kids, featuring Horizon Organic milk and delicious strawberries!  Fortunately, milk and smoothies rank pretty high on the list of likes for everyone in the family. I don’t know many people that will turn down a nicely chilled smoothie for a treat.

Summerberry Smoothie Recipe

Horizon Organic also has a great FAQ section on their website answering everything you would want to know about their organic standards and products. I’m also excited to share a FAB coupon with y’all too!  Click the image to take you to the coupon. You can find out more about Horizon Organic on Facebook and Twitter.

What foods do you focus on buying organic for your family?

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This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic.

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