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Do you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  I do, and our family likes a hearty breakfast!  Most weekends we wake up later than our normal routine, eat quick and easy meals, and then we are out the door for the next adventure.  Sometimes though, the quick and easy isn’t always that balanced.  A balanced breakfast should sustain you until lunch.  When I make breakfast for my family, I prefer to provide a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fruit.  #TysonBreakfast Bread Bowls are an excellent start to create a balanced morning meal.

Complete Breakfast With Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls

There is no sacrifice in time whipping up this complete breakfast for the family.  The bread bowls are in the same area in the grocery store as other frozen breakfast sandwiches.  You can see more details in my Google+ album.  The directions are printed right on the inside packaging. Quick and easy breakfast on the way!  Just remove the packaging, place the bread bowls on a microwave safe plate, and heat according to package directions.  These yummy bread bowls take mere minutes in the microwave, even when you are making four at a time.

Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls 1

Once warmed, the soft and chewy bread is small enough to just pick up and eat, but is packed with enough protein from egg, bacon and cheese to keep you satisfied.  I paired our bowls with a small serving of greek yogurt, fresh fruit skewers, and orange juice.  The kids loved having their fruit on the skewers.  Come to think of it, any food served on a stick is pretty fun.

Tyson Bacon Egg and Cheese Bread Bowls

When my family is active and on the go, we don’t want to waste time prepping breakfast when we could be playing in the park.  I can quickly prepare a protein packed meal in under 10 minutes by adding the right components to the breakfast bread bowls.  When we are out and about, lunch could be later than we expect, so it’s best to leave the house with full bellies.  There is nothing worse than hungry children whining for snacks less than an hour after we leave the house. I say this with love, and from experience.  

Tyson Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

So the next time you are short on time, but want a breakfast to keep you satisfied, reach for the protein-rich Tyson breakfast bread bowls.  It’s a lot easier to eat a good breakfast, than wrestling your kid for the last pack of fruit snacks in your purse.

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What will you pair with #TysonBreakfast Bread Bowls to complete your balanced breakfast?

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