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In many of my social profiles I often refer to myself as a pro-shopper. I love to shop. I can window shop at the local outlet mall all afternoon, or meander lazily around our local farmer’s market for hours. It really doesn’t matter what type of items I am looking to buy, it’s just how I like to spend time.  And trust me.  I can spend A LOT of time.  My closet wouldn’t look like this otherwise.


Now of course, this is NOT how my children or husband prefer to spend their Saturday afternoon. Have you tried back to school shopping with that endless list of supplies the school send home, with someone that doesn’t like to shop? I have, and it takes the whole joy out of the experience for me.

My daughter is usually good for an hour or two, if we are buying things for her.  My son I get maybe an hour of peaceful shopping from him, but only if there are multiple snacks involved.  My husband is the worst of them all.  No matter what we are shopping for he would much rather be outside doing lawn work or watching basketball.  I like to think of DH as more of an on-line shopper for the occasional cookie bouquet type shopper.  I usually end up leaving him at home when there are things to be bought.

Sometimes, we have weekends that are jam packed with activity, and that leaves this mom no time to shop. But life continues and there are still things I need to buy, just severely less time to look for them out and about.  Then I start to imagine browsing a site that’s mastered the art of one-stop shopping.

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We’ve all noticed a shift to online shopping for convenience, and you may even feel it when you are shopping in more stores now days. With the limited amount of square footage in retail stores today, I was excited to discover Sears offers an expanded assortment online. Don’t see a size, color or style you want in store? Visit the Sears website for millions of additional options at your fingertips (you might want to sharpen your decision making skills)!

I’ve grew up shopping in Sears, and as a child spent hours pouring over their big holiday catalog. In addition to the trustworthy Sears brands I still recognize in the store today, carries current and fabulous designer brands like Tory Burch, Ray Bans, Nike & more! So go ahead and get everything you want in one place; you deserve it. With new arrivals every week, you never know what you’ll find!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own

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