Thursday 28 May 2015
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A Boy And His Blocks – Wordless Wednesday

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Architect or Industrial Engineer?

19 thoughts on “A Boy And His Blocks – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Andy Grice

    If he like blocks and building things,that might be engineer.But if he starts building like little houses with the blocks,well then.But you can’t tell yet.

  2. bianca roman

    BOTH! I think it’s so awesome to look at our children build legos, blocks, etc and try to figure out what they’ll really become!

  3. Jane Ritz

    It’s amazing what kids can build with Lego’s. It’s so good for development,hand eye coordination and learning colors. What fun!

  4. Richard Hicks

    It amuses me to see kids get so deep into their toys and time just flies by. Looks like the blocks were a good choice for him!

  5. polly

    it amazes me when our 4 year old grandson builds some fun & amazing things with blocks..he has a great imagination and love blocks lets him do that!


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