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As you all know I’m a big fan of gathering the family around the table for mealtime. My kids are still young, so it’s easy to make sure everyone comes to the table at one time when dinner is ready. I am a firm believer, that children need to experience staying connected as a family unit by sharing a simple meal together. Inspiring Sunday Dinner Ideas is near to my heart. I love ending our usually packed weekends  with a relaxing family meal to energize everyone before the start of the new week of craziness on Monday morning. On the occasion when I have the time to create an elaborate Sunday dinner (and it’s not a holiday), I turn to my Sunday Supper friends for new and interesting ideas.  I’m sharing some of their best recipes with you today so you too can create a fabulous meal that will have your family running to the dinner table.  Check out my latest slideshow, and then head over to see the full collection on I guarantee it’ll make you hungry!

Since my husband helps me so much my managing dinner during the week, I usually have weekend dinner prep duty. Chances are, I will always try and finagle a restaurant visit for the family on Saturday night. Sunday I like to plan comfort food filled dinners to maximize flavors, but minimize effort. I prefer to spend the weekend time with the kids either doing what they want to do, like puzzles, board games, or even some colorful crafts, versus what I am supposed to do as the mom (ie: spend all day in the kitchen). You’re never too old to become a rule breaker.

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What’s your favorite recipe to make that makes your family come running to the table for Sunday dinner?



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