Tuesday 19 September 2017
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Playdate in the Park – Mommy and Me Monday

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Last week we were very excited to attend a group playdate in the park. My friend, Kate, over at Big Girl Little Girl is moving soon and leaving the Atlanta area. {Insert very, very sad face here…} I work with Kate at Graco and we are both blog contributors, and though we are all very sad to see Kate (and her adorable daughter Charlotte) leave the area, but we know they will be back to visit.

We had a great time running around in the afternoon sun, chasing children, chatting and sharing snacks. Our friend, Deanna, another blog contributor, also set up a photo booth complete with props. Baby loved posing with a parasol. So much in fact, we had to make a trip to the local craft store to buy our own.

I also have to say an extra big thank you to Deanna for sharing her awesome pics! Without the group shot I would not have a pic to use for this week’s Mommy and Me. 🙂


Have you succeeded and gotten yourself out from behind the camera lately?

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