Friday 29 May 2015
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Waiting For The Elf On The Shelf To Arrive

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Thanksgiving is over. I see tons of people putting up their trees on Facebook, so we have decided to do the same. One problem. We place our tree in the kid’s playroom (the re-purposed formal living room), and it is a total mess right now.

Last year I succumbed to the pressure of the Elf on the Shelf, but I also used him to my advantage.  The kids have already seen pictures of other elves arriving to homes in my Instagram feed, so now they are wondering when he will arrive back to our house. Baby has instructed her brother that “Elfie” will be arriving next Saturday.  (I guess that’s also Mommy’s cue to go find him, and start working up ideas for when the mischief strikes.)

When I suggested the kids clean up the playroom so we could put up the Christmas tree today, I was extremely surprised when they actually started doing it.  My children rarely rush to clean up toys without the threat of donation.  Then I overheard why.

Baby has taken the initiative to induct herself and brother into the O.C.T.D team.  For those of you unfamiliar, O.C.T.D. stands for On Christmas Tree Duty, and apparently their sole purpose is to get the area prepped for the Christmas tree and Elfie (our Elf on the Shelf).  Ummm…can you say WOW!

I am completely impressed with Baby taking this strong of an initiative.  She has never been fond of cleaning up anything, even her own messes, so I am equally impressed in the creativity of the O.C.T.D. official hats!  I think Elfie will also be impressed, and he will leave a note saying so when he arrives earlier than next Saturday.  Now I just need to spark my own creativity and plan Elfie’s official arrival.


How does your Elf on the Shelf arrive each year?


7 thoughts on “Waiting For The Elf On The Shelf To Arrive

    1. karenhartzell Post author

      I’ll surprise the kids tomorrow morning after we put the tree up tonight. Great way to start a Monday morning after a week vacation from school!

  1. Jennifer Mae Hiles

    Super cute kids and I love their hats! We put our Christmas tree up yesterday. My daughter insisted and she too started cleaning the house since I said we would not put up the tree until it was cleaned. I love having the decorations and lights up!

    1. karenhartzell Post author

      Totally, Stacy! I take every advantage I can when it comes to cleaning. Sadly I think my daughter’s disdain is passed directly from my own anti-cleaning gene. :-)


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