Hot Sun, Cool Waves, & Great Friends at the Jersey Shore – Mommy and Me Monday

On our recent vacation road trip back to Pennsylvania, I was blessed to spend an all girls day with two of my closest girlfriends.  After a grueling drive from Atlanta to outside Philadelphia over Friday and Saturday, I happily jumped back in the car with my friend for the 2 hour ride to the Jersey Shore.  Call me crazy, but I also knew it would be totally worth it.

Our other girlfriend lives in Sea Isle City, NJ year round and any opportunity I can get to grab some beach time, I will do it. The three of us have been friends since college, and what makes these get-togethers even more enjoyable is that we all have daughters.  Ironically enough, all three girls were born in the month of October.  They span a rage of ages, but they play and get along so well.  They are kismet little playmates.

One of my girlfriends used to say in college, that we must have been friends in a former life, since we clicked right away.  Even though the statement still makes me giggle like it did the first time hearing it, I feel this may also be true with our daughters.  Or maybe they just feel connected, through the friendship of their mothers.  Who knows. Either way, it works, and my heart explodes with happiness when the six of us are together.

Baby and I rejoiced in some much needed Mommy and Me time jumping waves in the ocean, and Baby also learned how to boogie board.  Cutest thing ever!  If I do say so myself!  I am so glad I was able to get some video to share since there were no boys allowed on our girls beach day.


What is your favorite activity to do while at the beach?



Have you succeeded and gotten yourself out from behind the camera lately?

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