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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meister Cleaners for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

House hunting five years ago, I fell in love with the spacious kitchen that is now the heart of our home. The wide open space features stainless appliances, granite counter tops, and a fabulous granite island. We spend more time as a family in the kitchen than any other room in our house. Of course, the more time we spend in the kitchen, the more messes there are to clean and to be honest, I don’t like to clean. I’m always on the hunt for the best products to keep my kitchen and appliances looking shiny new with minimal effort. Imagine my elation when I found a super easy way to Stop Spots on Stainless Appliances with Meister Cleaners.

When my kitchen needs a good cleaning, I grab my can of Steel Meister and get to work removing all the nasty fingerprints and smudges from my double ovens. I can count on Steel Meister to not only clean, but polish and protect the pretty doors. I appreciate that there is no greasy residue left on my appliances from using Steel Meister. All that’s left is a micro-thin protective layer to resist future smudges. You can use Steel Meister practically any where that needs cleaning. It’s ideal for use on copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, outdoor grills, automotive trim—and yes, even the kitchen sink. Think of the water spots and streaks you could make disappear without a trace. It’s a total win-win!

The stainless stove top in my kitchen usually needs a little heavier cleaning due to DH’s occasional cooking mishaps. No worries though, because there is Steel Meister Spot Cleaner to the rescue. Just spray on Steel Meister Spot Cleaner to remove grease, grime, caked-on food, or soot if necessary. Steel Meister Spot Cleaner doesn’t judge your cooking skills. Once the deep cleaning is done, follow up with a good spray of Steel Meister for that great protective layer to polish and resist future grimy messes.

Meister Cleaners didn’t stop by only offering products to clean your stainless appliances. Meister Cleaners offer a wide variety of products to keep your entire home sparkling clean. If you have a glass or ceramic cooktop then you will want to check out Range Meister to kick all the dirt, grease and grime to the curb. The biodegradable, environmentally friendly, Range Meister goes beneath the surface to remove all the grime of baked on dinners past. After use, your cooktop wipes clean with no remaining residue or messy streaks.

If your kitchen is like mine and has a mix of stainless appliances and granite counter tops then Stone Meister is for you too. Granite is porous and I sometimes worry about what germs could have seeped down into it. I prepare a ton of food on my center island, and I don’t take chances with food safety. Stone Meister cleans and polishes without streaking, and rinses easily with clear water leaving no residue. It’s nonabrasive and safe for natural stone, polished granite, marble, soap stone, slate, polished concrete, or other water-tolerant counter surfaces. I can also breathe a sigh of relief that Stone Meister is food safe, which is obviously the most important feature to me for prodcuts I use in the kitchen.

I have super fun news to share from Meister Cleaners! They have an awesome giveaway going on right now! The grand prize is $2,000 to use towards a brand new Stainless Refrigerator! Wahoo! Contest is open for entries and ends on December 31st, 2014. The winner will be announced on the Meister Cleaners website on January 5th. Entry for the giveaway is easy – signup using the widget below.

Meister Cleaners Giveaway – Upgrade your Kitchen with $2000!

Finding a brand that features a variety of environmentally friendly, food safe products that help me clean my entire kitchen in record time is a bonus for this mom. It’s even better knowing that the array of Meister Cleaners aren’t hard to find. They are readily available at Home Depot stores in the appliance department. Find out more about Meister Cleaners by heading over to the Meister Facebook Page.


What tips do you have for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean for your family?


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