Look Who’s Cooking Now

I’ve been losing the battle with my work life balance lately, and sadly my time in the kitchen has been greatly reduced. Not that anyone goes hungry in our house. DH easily picks up the slack having the available time while not working. I’m not going to lie. His specialties originated with chicken nuggets or fish sticks and ended with hamburger helper.

Being unemployed Having some extra time on his hands has led him to explore cooking. DH can now grill, oven fry, shake and bake with the best of them, but it wasn’t enough for him. Recently he told me he wanted to make homemade meatballs. It seems he saw a recipe on the back of the parmesan cheese container and it sparked his interest.

He was very cute writing down the ingredient list and asking me where to find specific items he needed like fresh parsley, but he was stinkin’ adorable asking me for guidance on chopping the parsley, mixing the ingredients, etc.

I didn’t think to snap any pics of him actually preparing the meatballs, but he did humour me and allowed me to photograph the final result.

I think I’ll suggest using a rack next time for cooking, but the meatballs were delicious. DH even made extra so we could freeze some for later meals. He’s so smart. 🙂

I’m pretty sure we’ll have a new featured writer on In The Kitchen soon enough.

And I can’t wait!

Who does the cooking in your house? Is it a shared duty?

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