Glazed Pecan, Dried Cherry, and Feta Cheese Salad With Raspberry Dressing

For me, a well balanced salad can be a great summer dinner alternative and this Glazed Pecan and Feta salad with raspberry dressing is one of my favorites.

Each weekend I enjoy strolling my local market looking for the best fruit and vegetables. When I have extra time to go to one of the largest (and most diverse) farmer’s market in my area, I take Baby along. We have a deal each week to try a new fruit or vegetable out of our regular routine. Given Baby’s love of most fruits and veggies it shouldn’t surprise you that she used to eat salad. I say used to, because about 2 years ago abruptly stopped. At the time, I had no idea why and didn’t push the issue, since she likes many other vegetables. Surprisingly, last week she asked for a salad as I was making my own, it thrilled me to no end.

Lettuce blend of choice
Diced cucumber
Halved cherry tomatoes
Crumbled Feta cheese
Dried cherries
Glazed pecans
Ken’s Raspberry Pecan salad dressing

The flavors of this salad are incredible. The slightly salty Feta, the sweet crunch of the glazed pecans, tart, chewy dried cherries and the tangy raspberry dressing work perfectly with whatever greens you prefer. The cherry tomatoes and diced cucumber also add to the overall variety and texture of the salad without overpowering the main stars.

Salads are all about personal preference. If you don’t like an ingredient, you simply leave it out. Some people like a ton of different salad add ins, while I usually keep mine simple to make sure the flavors I am trying to spotlight are what really shine. By all means, you can make a homemade raspberry vinaigrette like this one HERE, but sometimes grabbing a bottle from the fridge is the only effort I feel like making after a long day. Maybe this weekend I will venture into homemade dressing territory again.

What’s your favorite salad ingredient combination?

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