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Philadelphia Area Mom and Food Blogger, Karen Hartzell is the author/founder of In The Kitchen With KP.  Karen works in Supply Chain by day, but in 2008, tried her hand at writing as a contributor for Graco Children’s products, Heart to Heart blog.  After sharing a few fun parenting stories, she was hooked on social media, and her personal blog In The Kitchen With KP was born.  Happily married with two children, Karen does not hesitate to rebuff her family’s hungry advances at mealtime, while she styles and photographs their dinner to share on Instagram, before serving them.

In The Kitchen With KP is a PR friendly blog, filled with family fun, travel adventures, plus simple recipes everyone will feel comfortable trying.  In fact, her whole family participates in the cooking/baking fun on a regular basis.  Along with Instagram, you can find Karen feeding her compulsive social media addictions on LinkedInG+TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

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As an unfortunate, and frequent victim of copyright infringement,  please note all images & content published on InTheKitchenWithKP.com are copyright protected. Please do not use any images without prior permission.  If you want to republish any recipes featured on this blog, please edit the recipes, and make them your own before posting, just as I have taken the time to do (unless otherwise noted).

Feel free to reach out and chat with me about food, kids, parenting, whatever.  I’m open to it all, and I’ll be enjoying it every step of the way.

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