Ideas to Start and Write a Travel Journal

Exciting things are happening here in the kitchen! One of the largest surprises was being invited to the Disney Social Media Moms conference this year! So exciting! This is the fifth year for the conference, and the first time it is being help in Disneyland. I have wanted to start sharing family travel information for a while, so this is a great way to kick it off! We’re all going to Disneyland, and since it will be a first-time experience for all of us, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce some great Ideas to Start and Write a Travel Journal.

Ideas to Start and Write a Travel Journal #travel www.InTheKitchenWithKP

Baby is a great age for keeping a travel journal. She will enjoy documenting her experiences as they happen, and won’t miss the important details she will want to remember in the future. Her journal will be written through her eyes, which is obviously quite different than through mine. It’s also an excellent way for Baby to use some brain power on the trip, not to mention a little quiet time for mom and dad each night.

Jed presents a little more of a challenge since he is only 5. he loves to imitate his sister. I think an autograph book will be a great start for him. Not only can he gather signatures from characters, but he can draw his own pictures, and my husband and I can help him write his favorite memories. I can supplement both journals with real pictures from the trip as well. I have a kept travel journals in the past, and I am looking forward to creating a new one around our amazing California adventure. I also wanted to share some ideas to get started if you have never kept a travel journal.

Invest in nice journal or notebook that is sturdy and will be able to last over time. While a plain, inexpensive notebook may do the trick, it may end up in rough shape by the end of your trip – not to mention you may cast it off in years to come. Instead, opt for a hard covered book. If you plan to draw or paint as a part of your journal make sure the paper is a good quality to support this. More and more people are also moving to digital travel journals. That’s fine, but what happens when your battery dies and there’s nowhere to charge? Or if you’re sitting in a café and want to record something right away. While technology is great, there’s really nothing better than old fashioned paper and pen.

The Ins and Outs
A journal can be whatever you want it to be; a diary, a record of what you’ve done and where you’ve been, an illustrated anthology of places seen – anything! You don’t need to decide and only do that but it doesn’t hurt to put some thought into your goals. If you plan to share this with other people you may want to leave things out. Likewise if it’s just for you then you may put more in.

Try to avoid mundane descriptions like “we did this, then we did that…” it’s ok to start there, but try and go beyond that. What conversations were you a part of that were interesting? What did you smell, taste, hear, etc? Capturing the entire moment is something you’ll want to look back and read – you’ll be transported back to that moment. Also make sure to date your entries. Over time it will fade.

Journaling for Kids
Encouraging kids to keep a record of their travels has a few great outcomes. First, it can help establish routine and carve out “down time” during the day. If everyone knows that at 4pm it’s time to grab a snack, settle down, and do some journaling it will make carving out this time easier. Journaling is also another good way to make use of hours spent traveling. For kids including a few extra, small tools is fun and makes writing more exciting.  Some things to consider;

  • Colored pencils, markers or pens
  • Eraser
  • Stickers
  • Ruler or small stencils
  • Glue stick

A pencil bag will keep everything contained and take up minimal space. Kids are then free to draw or write about their day. You can also hold onto small scraps of paper and/or tickets throughout the day. Gluing these items into a journal add dimension and offer a writing prompt. If you have kids (or even adults) wondering what to write, look up some writing prompts about travel before you go. Cut them up and keep the in a Ziploc baggie. When stuck, pull one out and go!

Most importantly writing a travel journal should be a fun for everyone. It’s a creative way to remember all the details of your family adventure.



Where would you most like to travel and document it along the way?



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