Pinterest Board Theme Thursday – For The Love of Bacon

You may remember a while ago when I was linking up with Pin It Tuesday. I love pinning beautiful pictures and recipes, and it was so cool to participate. Sadly, most weeks, I found myself running out of time to write a post, or if I did publish a post, I would always forget to go back and link up. If you follow me on Pinterest, you can usually tell when I am in a theme pinning mode. I once had a friend comment while pinning to my bacon board…”Wow…you must really love bacon.”

As true as that statement is, because I really do love me some bacon, I was just in theme pinning mode. So now once a week, I will be sharing some incredible Pinterest finds with you from one of my theme boards.

This week, in true spirit of where this idea was born, I am featuring my For The Love of Bacon board.

Bacon & Mielie (Corn) Bread / Photo credit: Simply Delicious

Bacon Epi / Photo credit: Diamonds for Dessert

Bacon Shrimp and Grits / Photo credit: Bettencourt Chase

Bacon Egg Breakfast Cups / Photo credit: Kirbie’s Cravings.

Who is in the mood for some breakfast now? 🙂

For more bacon deliciousness, feel free to peruse my For The Love of Bacon Board. You can also follow me on Pinterest to stay in the loop on any future bacon goodness I pin. I am always on the lookout to pin more bacon!


What is your favorite bacon recipe or pin?


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