Friday 22 May 2015
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Decisions Decisions – Holiday Cookie Exchange For #SundaySupper

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There is something about a holiday cookie exchange that just gets me right into the spirit of the season.  This week I participated in an office exchange.  We had 24 participants this year, and each participant made 36 cookies to share.  In previous years I have made elaborate cookies, but this year decided on a simple Sprinkled Sugar Cookie.

This was the last of the extra cookies I brought in to share with my co-workers.  By the looks of that last lonely cookie, they were either pretty delicious, or my team was pretty desperate for snacks.

Before I go through cookie detox and come down off my current sugar high, I wanted to get y’all as excited as I am for this week’s #SundaySupper Holiday Cookie Exchange theme!  Wahoo!  More cookies!

This week the team has an extra special host who knows all about Cookies.  Janet Keeler, Food & Travel Editor for the Tampa Bay Times and Author of Cookielicious, will be joining us with tips on baking for the Ultimate Cookie Exchange.  How fun!  And as an extra sweet treat, during #SundaySupper chat this week, we are giving away 5 signed copies of Cookielicious with 150 fabulous recipes inside.  So get ready to get your bake on, and check out the incredible cookie lineup the team has in store for you on Sunday!


What’s your favorite cookie to make for the holidays?


5 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions – Holiday Cookie Exchange For #SundaySupper

    1. karenhartzell Post author

      Not amazing in the least, Isabel. Just workin’ it! I love my #SundaySupper team as much as I love cookies! :-)

  1. Diana Heiner

    Thanks for all the cookie links!!! We are BIG holiday bakers around here and it’ll be nice to have some new ideas!

  2. Katie Morris Crider

    Thanks for the list of cookies. I have 7 people in my household, and I try to bake something every week to keep the masses happy. We just had a professional Santa come this week, and I felt like I exhausted my cookbook’s list of cookies w/ everything I baked. Some new ideas, and making in advance when I have the time and freezing will be my next project.


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