Wordless Wednesday – For the Love of Chocolate!

Many moons ago as I started my career I worked in chocolate. I actually worked for Godiva Chocolatier, and between shuffling from finance to Retail merchandising, I found my way onto the sensory panel.

What’s a sensory panel you ask? Basically after a series of trainings in using your senses I was certified to taste and describe things tasted with a variety of specialized terms and numeric scales. Our team was used for everything from tasting incoming raw material ingredients to specialized projects for our sister brands like creating the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. That was a fun project as you can imagine!

Being right out of college and being raised on the usual Hershey’s chocolate, I didn’t actually like Godiva’s variety of chocolate. I know. Shocking. However, like fine wine, I did come to appreciate it’s flavor as my sensory adventure continued.

So when I saw this spread at BlogHer as an offering during a session break by Dove, I had to harness all the energy of my being, to NOT dump the entire tray in my bag and RUN!

Dove was awesome sponsoring not only the array of dipped fruit and pretzels, but also a variety of ice cream novelties. It really was a sweet treat (total pun intended) and a fun way to energize the afternoon. I was happy for the excuse to eat ice cream in the middle of the afternoon. Heck, if you know me, you probably know I would have eaten the ice cream at 10 AM in the morning too. I really have to do something about my insane slight ice cream addiction.

I think this weekend calls for a trip down BlogHer lane, but this time I’ll be sharing the dipping of some fresh fruit or making some chocolate chip pancakes with this Mom’s favorite content contributors…my family.


OK, So I wasn’t very wordless this week.  So sue me. 

But I still linked up for Wordless Wednesday!

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