Easy Ways to Save Money at your Vacation Destination

As I mentioned, I am in the midst of planning a trip to Disneyland. Traveling with a family can be expensive if you don’t plan properly. Wen you take the time to plan ahead, there are many Ways to Save Money at your Vacation Destination. You’ve bought airline tickets, booked your accommodations, and are ready to hit the road. But before you check in at the airport take enough time to consider what you’ll be doing when you reach your destination and what you’ll be eating at your destination. Traveling with family is tough enough sometimes, without having to deal with their hunger whines.

Easy Ways to Save Money at your Vacation Destination #travel www.InTheKitchenWithKP

1. Take advantage of discounts you may already be entitled to. For example AAA members get discounts, freebies and loads of other perks related to travel just for being an active member. Call and find out what is offered for your membership. Also look into discounts for students, families, military members, teachers, etc.

2. Get in touch with tourist board before you go or when you arrive. That’s what they’re there for! Many times you will be able to get coupon books and even free entrance to attractions that you are interested in. If you have special requests or are seeking a specific experience they are the experts who can let you know where to go, what to see, and who to talk to. This is an amazing resource that can really save you money.

3. Public Transportation and Walking. Not all places are convenient for public transportation. For example, you wouldn’t want to rely on this in Orlando, however if you’re visiting San Francisco or New York City it’s a must. Parking can be impossible to find and expensive. The time it takes to get someplace is often cut drastically when you use public transportation. Don’t forget foot power. Walking is sometimes the only way to really “see” a place. You’ll find things you would have missed in a vehicle!
4. Opt for a later large lunch and smaller dinner. Lunch menus are much less expensive than dinner options. Instead of waiting to have a large dinner meal, switch them. Have a big lunch and small dinner. You’ll still feel satisfied, and be able to experience the food culture of the city however you’ll also save a lot of money!

5. Challenge your family to a “free-cation.” Is it possible to go on vacation and only participate in free activities? If you have older children bring them into the planning and research process to discover what can be done in your destination city for free. You also could set a small budget. This gets them involved and excited about the trip, not to mention they’re learning real world skills like research, budgeting, and planning.

There are lots of ways to keep costs down while you’re on vacation, this is only a start. I’d love to know what some of your favorite ways to cut costs when reach your vacation destination.

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