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We’ve all been there.  We’re in the car driving, our phone somewhere next to us, and we hear it.  The sound of a text message popping up on our phone.  Common sense tells us to leave it where it is.  Whatever it is, can wait.  Then curiosity starts to get the best of us.  Who is the text from?  What does it say?  Maybe it’s an emergency.  I should check.  No.  I should wait.  Chances are we have all checked, even though we know we shouldn’t have.
Scary enough some of us may have even replied to the text while still driving.  Not good.  We all know we shouldn’t text and drive, but in this age of technology it’s rare to find someone not tethered to their phone every minute of the day.  We are being conditioned for the instant response.  If you text someone and you don’t hear back, how long do you wait until you send another text?  If you are impatient like me or the question is urgent in your eyes, you probably don’t wait very long.

It’s the same if you are on the other end.  How many texts have you gotten from one person as they are waiting for your reply?  Probably too many.  If you’re driving, your focus should remain on the road, not on your phone.  Verizon recently made a new app available to its customers in the Verizon tab of Google Play…and it’s FREE!

Safely Go is designed to limit the distractions that commonly occur when drivers use their phone in their car.  Users can set up the app to automatically respond to incoming text messages.  With an an auto-reply sent, the driver can fully concentrate on the road.  Now, obviously, the app’s effectiveness depends completely on driver’s usage of the app in the correct manner.  The app won’t help people focus on the road, if they don’t put their phone down in the first place. 🙂

Some features of the app include:

  • Blocking texting and reading and/or creating email
  • Sending incoming calls to voicemail
  • Allowing users to select up to three important contacts who can still get through when the app is on
  • Allowing user to whitelist up to three apps they want to use while driving (e.g., location based services, and music/radio player)
  • Allowing user to receive Hands-Free calls if desired
  • Decluttering the device screen
  • Responding to text messages with automated message saying user is currently driving and will respond later.
All drivers should make a conscious effort to not text and drive.  Many states even have hands free laws in place for talking on phones while driving as well.  If drivers make the effort, we can all make the road a little safer.

You can find the app Free from Google Play HERE.  I have it already downloaded and configured on my sample Droid Incredible.  I hope you will take the time to not only download the app, but use it as well.

How many times has a person texted you before you responded?

Disclosure: I was selected to participate in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program. I was provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. Stay tuned as I continue to share more cool features on Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC in the coming months



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