Dine & Be Entertained Like Royalty @MedievalTimes New Show! #MTatlanta

Have you ever wondered about traveling back in time to the days of chivalrous knights and beautifully ornate ballgowns? Well, hear ye! Hear ye, y’all!

Now is your chance to experience it all up close and personal. On July 19th, Medieval Times in Atlanta debuted a brand-new show full of action! Almost two years in the making, the new show has “Gone back to the basics,” said Leigh Cordner, Medieval Times’ Creative Director. “Guests will see a celebration of the horses along with more action and elements of high drama. The streamlined plot allows more concentration on the action.”

My family was invited to attend the media premiere of the new show and immediately we were transported back to the 11th century upon entering the castle. We donned our ceremonial crowns in the colors of our chosen knight and were greeted by King Carlos, himself.

We leisurely mingled with his Royal Highness, the  King and his Royal Court and sampled delicious hot and cold hors d’oeuvres while observing the wonderful costumes and suits of armour meticulously decorating the interior of the caste.  King Carlos was royally knighting children as we wandered to catch a closer view of the amazing animals  to be featured later.  Baby was particularly fascinated with the beautiful falcon.

Jed was dying to get into the arena.  He could not wait to check out the show!  I couldn’t blame him.  Three year old’s don’t have much patience to begin with, and heck…I was just as excited as he was!  When entering, guests are assigned seating areas designated by colors  of the knights they will cheer on from the stands!  There are six Knights of the Realm, and each is named after historic region of medieval Spain.

We donned our black and white crowns with pride as we filed into the stadium to take our seats and then as soon as we were seated, the production started.  Gorgeous Spanish Andalusians, Quarter horses, Friesians and Menorcans (all from the Mediterranean island for which they are named), filled the arena with their knights.  The musical score thundered and the crowd cheered!  Excitement filled the arena as the knights took dismounted their horses and battled in the soft sand with intricate choreographed steps.  Shortly after, our serving wench arrived with food and libations!  YUM!  You will not go hungry with the servings given.

Soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken, ribs and seasoned potato halves filled our plates.  Oh, and you know the rules…no utensils!  Not even for the soup!  Pinkies up people!

The high energy action is tied to the tempo of the music, so you can’t help but sit on the edge of your seat and shout for your knight!  The authentic weaponry and enhanced armor on the knights, added with the incredibly detailed choreography really lets the fight scenes shine, but not in a violent manner at all.  At no time did either of my children waver from their cheers of glee.  There’s still a general theme of good versus evil throughout the show, but is done amazingly well with the highest safety standards.

The jousting was incredible!  The crack and snap of the wood splintering flying everywhere was so cool!  But don’t worry!  The show raises a protective net in between the area and viewers. Alas though, our Black and White knight did not prevail. He was struck down and the Red and Yellow knight was dubbed champion, even though I reported that it was “just a flesh wound”.

We had an amazing time! The event was loud and rowdy, and the kids could shout all they wanted and just blend into the crowd. There was so much food, we took TWO containers of leftovers home, and Jed was so tired after the show, from all his cheering, flag waving, and jumping up and down, he was sound asleep in the car before we were even out of the parking lot. That’s a parent bonus for sure!

You need to check out the new show for yourself. It is definitely a super fun family activity. You can purchase tickets online and verify show times at www.medievaltimes.com or by calling 1-888-WE-JOUST.  h, and don’t forget to like Medieval Times(Atanta) on Facebook HERE, and for more information on the Atlanta show!  You won’t want to miss any of the exciting offers they share with their fans!


Disclosure: My family and I were treated to complimentary viewing of the all new Medieval Times dinner show for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are mine alone.

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