Top Ten Tuesday – Ways to Make Potatoes

Top Ten {Tuesday}

So I have a little bit of a problem and it’s called Pinterest! Heaven help me!
I am already a self professed Twitaholic, and now I am being sucked into this new plethora of incredible-ness. Yeah, that’s probably not a word, but give the Urban dictionary time.

So for those of you that don’t know, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. Still need more explanation, click here and then minimize the window to go back to later. I say minimize the new window because Pinterest will open and you will be sucked into the vortex of all that is awesome and be looking at fabulous pictures for hours and you will never make it back here to read my top ten post…which is pretty monumental since it’s been a while since I did one.

I love top ten posts and linking up with Amanda on her blog Oh Amanda, but I am awful at coming up with ten things for a list.

5 I can do. Easy.
7 or 8, maybe with some major thought.
10…normally next to impossible until a little light bulb went off in my head.
Why not post about what you know…hellooooo….FOOD!
So here it is…a fun list all about potatoes complete with some recipe links and a Few Pinterest posts too!

Top ten ways to make potatoes!
1. Roasted. Balsamic Roasted Red Potatoes

2. Baked.  Simple enough but very cool when made here in a crockpot.

3. Crash Hot Potatoes (Photo credit, The Pioneer Woman)

4. Hash browns go basic or go wild and add some bacon.

5. Mashed.  Multiple flavors in the Mashed Potatoes with Bacon & Cheddar (Photo credit, Sippity Sup)

6. Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes always go great with ham.

7. French Fries.  An alternate to deep-fried – Oven Baked Parmesan SeasonedFries

8. Twice baked…seriously…these look amazing don’t they. (Photo credit, The Girl Who ate Everything)

9. Potato salad.  Traditional or something new like Hot German Potato salad like DH made recently. (Photo credit, me, and not nearly Pinterest worthy as all the others.)

10. Potato pancakes

I’m not even a huge fan of potatoes, but after seeing all of these awesome recipes and photos on Pinterest I am definitely in the mood for some!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy potatoes?

Do you want to join in on the Top Ten {Tuesday} fun?
Hop on over to Oh Amanda’s blog here to see how!

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