34 Farmer’s Market Inspired Recipes for #SundaySupper

I was very disappointed to miss out on this past week’s #SundaySupper. The theme for the crew this week was fresh from the Local Farmer’s Market inspired recipes. I love going to the farmer’s markets in my area. Being located in a suburb of Atlanta, allows me to visit many ethnic themed markets.  The wide array of fruit and vegetables at my fingertips is often overwhelming.

34 Farmers Market Inspired Recipes

Sauntering around a market, surrounded by tons of fresh produce, while I sip on a latte is sheer heaven to me.  I love to imagine all the creative dishes I would make if I had unlimited time.  I often take Baby with me so she can pick out a new fruit or veggie to try.  She is my adventurous eater, and I try to keep that exploratory gene thriving.  Sometimes, we bring our experimental item home, and find ourselves googling how to prepare it.  But it’s all good.  Having Baby take an active role in the kitchen and grocery shopping keeps her interest in cooking and learning healthy eating habits strong.

And speaking of strong…the best way to support your family’s strength and wellness is with plenty of fresh local fruits and vegetables!  Check out all the amazing recipes the fab #SundaySupper group has for you this week.  I’m already making my list for the market this weekend.  Have latte will shop!

Appetizers & Salads

Soups & Sides



Sunday Supper MovementLooking for a recipe featured on Sunday Supper?  You will always find great recipes tagged with the hashtag  #SundaySupper on Twitter!  Looking for a tasty recipe on Pinterest?  You can find us there too on the #SundaySupper Pinterest board!

The Sunday Supper crew is everywhere if you just know where to look, and we’d love to see you where we are too!


What is your favorite item to buy from your own local farmer’s market?

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