30 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Recipes

I love Halloween.  I had some friends that were always obsessed with the recreating the grossest costumes of all time.  Personally, I prefer costumes a touch prettier like using an old ice pink formal gown to be the Tooth Fairy or Strawberry Shortcake with cute bloomers and big bakers hat.  The scariest costume I ever wore was Edward Scissorhands, and that is totally not scary.  I wore plastic knives glued to black gloves.  Yes, really.  And, if you knew me in college (or the immediate years following) you can probably picture those costumes right now and laughing.  I’m also a huge fan of Halloween parties, so what what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t share with you a list of my favorite 
Spooktacular Halloween Themed Recipes!

30 Spooky Halloween Themed Recipes www.InTheKitchenWithKP

Some of these are a little gross, and not for weak stomachs, but I am guessing most older kids would get a kick out of the grossest ideas.  Since there are 30 assorted Halloween recipes, I am sure you will find something appropriate for all ages.  I know I have already made my grocery list for the weekend!

What’s your favorite Spooktacular treat to make for Halloween? 


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