Delicious Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers #SundaySupper

I love Thanksgiving.  I love to cook and spend time in my kitchen, and usually turkey day takes quite a bit of prep time.  When we spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family in Florida, you would find many of us in the kitchen at once prepping all sorts of sides, and of course the star of the day – the turkey!

The family fun while prepping the food makes my heart sing.  Preparing the food together is just as important to me, as enjoying the meal together around the family table.

When it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers, sadly, I have never been that creative.  The usual for us is to just enjoy a second dinner of the same components, or maybe the occasional turkey sandwich.  I was a little stuck as to what I would contribute for this week’s #SundaySupper theme of recipe ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers.  I decided to bow out this week and see what ideas the team would share for #SundaySupper.  I am on the other side of the fence this week checking out the posts, just like all of you!  It’s so exciting!

The #SundaySupper team has wowed me to no end this week!  No more simple reheated plates of original turkey dinner for my family this year.  I now have a ton of ideas and will be planning my Thursday dinner to make sure I have the appropriate leftovers to make a few of these amazing dishes!

Making a plan for excess leftovers is certainly “Dumb like a fox”, as my Grandmom used to say.  So now go on and be FOXY, and check out the awesome blogs below to make sure you plan your Thanksgiving dinner with leftovers in mind too!

Breakfast & Brunch

Main Course

Soups, Salads, Sides & Starters

Sweets & Desserts

Wine Pairings for the Recipes Featured

What’s the item you make that you always make sure you have leftovers?

Do you have a favorite recipe you make with Thanksgiving leftovers?  We’d love for you to share it with the #SundaySupper group!  Join us on Twitter throughout the day by following the hashtag #SundaySupper.  We’ll all be chatting up a storm during out live chat, Sunday evening at 7:00 pm(Eastern). Just follow the #SundaySupper hashtag there too. Oh, and if you’re on Pinterest, pop on over to see all the gorgeous pictures that accompany our recipes on the #SundaySupper Pinterest board!

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