Baked Queso Empanadas in Minutes with Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry

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If you think I seem to be on a puff pastry kick this week, you would be correct. I am all about the easy appetizers lately, especially after the fun evening I had last week attending a PuffLuck at my friend Stacie’s house. At the party I was able to socialize with some of my favorite local bloggers, as well as learn a few new techniques for working with Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry. My pastry folding skills were put to the test when I made these Baked Queso Empanadas.

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I was inspired to create my easy empanadas from sampling an awesome array of appetizers desserts made by Stacie and her husband for our PuffLuck Ladies’ Night. From savory herbed breadsticks and chicken salad to sweet, decadent desserts, Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry can do it all in a snap.

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You can take your own home entertaining to the next level. Impress your guests with amazing culinary skills while secretly knowing the effort was minimal. Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry is made with the same basic ingredients as pie pastry, but the dough is folded multiple times to create layers. When puff pastry is baked, steam makes the layers rise about 8 times higher to create gorgeous treats like these individual strawberry and whipped cream pastries.

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One of my favorite treats of the night was the chocolate hazelnut stuffed pastry roll ups. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make. You just roll out the dough, add your filling, roll back up, and bake. When something is this easy, it makes me wonder why I’m my family’s not enjoying bakery style pastries every weekend.

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Need party appetizers in a flash? My recipe for Baked Queso Empanadas is your next perfect go to idea. I simply unfolded the Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry, cut each sheet into equal squares, and added a spoonful of my loaded queso to the center of each square. Then I form each empanada by pinching the dough corners together and sealing the edges. These are so simple to make, even my husband doesn’t mind helping fold the dough.

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Once all the puffs are sealed, I pop them into the oven to bake. Holy golden deliciousness. You need these in your life. Trust me.

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Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry can be bought in the freezer isle of your local grocery store which makes it very convenient to store some in your own freezer until you are ready to use it.

What would you make first if you were given a box of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry?

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Baked Queso Empanadas
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetiser
  • 1 lb extra lean ground beef
  • 1 Cup of your favorite salsa
  • 2 Cups of your favorite easy melting cheese, shredded
  • 1 pkg Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry (thawed)
  • 1 egg
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F
  2. Prepare large baking sheet with a layer of parchment paper
  3. Preheat large sauce pan over medium heat. Add ground beef and cook until no longer pink.
  4. Once meat is cooked, add the salsa and shredded cheese to saucepan.
  5. Stir until cheese is completely melted and all ingredients are thoroughly combined.
  6. Remove from heat, set aside and prepare puff pastry.
  7. Unfold puff pastry sheets on prepared parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  8. Cut each pastry sheet into 9 equal squares (about 2 inches ea).
  9. Place a Tablespoon of the beef queso mixture in the center of each square.
  10. Fold pastry square corner to corner into the center and press to seal.
  11. Fold second two opposite corners to the center and press to seal with the other corners.
  12. Carefully pinch edges of dough to seal in the queso.
  13. In a small bowl, beat one egg. Using a pastry brush, lightly coat each triangle with egg wash.
  14. Bake the empanadas in oven for 13-17 minutes until golden brown and pastry has puffed.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry.

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