3 Creepy Halloween Recipes for a Scary Good #SpookyCelebration


I am all about Halloween.  I used to have an annual Halloween party that required attendees to wear costumes.  Everyone.  No exceptions.  Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, and I am not just saying it for the candy.  But I will admit Halloween does have the BEST candy, and of courses it’s so fun to make spooky themed Halloween recipes for dessert all month.  This weekend I tried my hand at a new Halloween treat – Milky Way Stuffed Brains and Snickers Mummies.

Milky Way Stuffed Brains Snickers Mummies #SpookyCelebrations #Shop In The Kitchen With KP

I am always on the lookout for new Halloween ideas.  One of my favorites is Baked Mummy Cheese Hot Dogs, so I figured why not give it a whirl with Halloween candy.  I even hesitate to call this a recipe.  It’s way too easy!  To make the Milky Way Stuffed Brains and Snickers Mummies, I used thawed store bought puff pastry, Milky Way minis, and fun size Snickers bars.  If you really want to go to town, or make an adult size serving, feel free to try the mummies with full size Snickers bars.

Milky Way Stuffed Brains #SpookyCelebrations #Shop In The Kitchen With KP 1

Section pieces of the puff pastry into squares and completely wrap the Milky Way mini.  Slice thin long strips of puff pasty to use for the brain matter and add to the top of each fully wrapped Milky Way mini.  For the Snickers mummies, section the puff pastry into larger rectangles, and completely wrap the fun size bars.  Using similar thin long strips of puff pastry fully wrap the bars to create the bandaged mummy look.  Place all the mummies and stuffed brains on a baking sheet, and bake in a preheated 400 degree F oven.

Milky Way Stuffed Brains Snickers Mummies #SpookyCelebrations #Shop In The Kitchen With KP 2

Make sure you fully seal the candy minis and bars in the puff pastry.  If not, the pastry may leak out all the melting gooey candy while baking.  I had a few that leaked, but they still tasted amazing!  So trust me when I say they won’t go to waste if you end up with a few that look less than perfect.  Halloween candy can get expensive, and I don’t waste any of it.  I also try and check for coupons where I can.  You never know when a good sale is going to happen.

Blood and Guts Punch #SpookyCelebrations #Shop In The Kitchen With KP

Now of course, no Halloween celebration would be complete without a ghoulish special drink like my Blood and Guts Punch!  This kid friendly mocktail is super easy.  Start with a glass, add a scoop or two of rainbow sherbet, fill the glass halfway with Hawaiian Punch, then top off the remaining glass with 7Up.  The sherbet will create a fun foam like texture to the drink and float on the top.  My favorite part is the ice cream foam!  YUM!


What is your favorite spooky treat to make for a Halloween celebration?

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