Decorative Fabric Covered Magnets – Pinterest Craft Project 1

There are many jokes around people on Pinterest  pinning so much that they never have time to actually do anything that they pin.

Does that sound familiar?
I know it rang true to me for the craft projects I pin.

Many of you already know that I’m a contributor to the Graco Heart to Heart blog. What you may not have noticed on the blog though, is the Pinterest Potluck features. Basically a small group wanted to stop just pinning and take the time to create something fun together. So over lunch, one Friday a month, everyone gets together to complete a small Pinterest project. I was very excited to join the group, since I am not really one to craft on my own at home. I have been cooking some recipes from Pinterest, but the craft ideas were just kind of hanging out on my boards.

The first meetup I was able to participate in was making fabric covered tacks and magnets.   The inspiration and initial pin came from the incredible blog How about Orange.  We didn’t need a ton of supplies, just scissors, fabric scraps, flexible magnets, glue gun, and the buttons to cover.  I made all magnets so I could put them on the filing cabinet at my desk.

It was a great time and I can’t wait for next month’s project!
You can get the full details and see the HOW TO tutorial from How About Orange’s blog post HERE.

What are you going to sit down and create from a pin on Pinterest?

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