Elfie and the Smarty Pants Mommy

I found so many ideas on Pinterest for our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, that I was inspired. One morning, instead of getting into his usual mischief like dumping all the leftover Halloween candy all over the dining room table like this…..

I decided to use Elfie for my own advantage.
Sneaky, sneaky.

Our Christmas tree is in the made over playroom, and of course, play rooms get messy. I had Elfie climb into the tree to hang out a bit and leave a sweet note for the kiddos. The note asked them to clean the playroom for Santa so he had room to put their coming Christmas presents.

The note worked like a charm!

Baby read the note to Jed with as much excitement as opening an actual Christmas present! Then they happily started putting away all the toys. I could barely believe my eyes!

The playroom looked amazing!
See for yourself!

Score one for this smart Mommy!

What’s your best idea to get kids to help with everyday cleanup?

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