Playing Indoors

Last weekend was a bummer weather wise.  However, not to be daunted by the chilly dampness we decided to try out an indoor playground since the ground was way too soggy at all of our local ones.  There are quite a few inflatble indoor play areas around us, so we picked one where Baby had recently attended for a birthday party.

It was a Saturday, so I knew it would be crawling with kids a) because it’s birthday party central, and b) the weather outside was icky.

What I wasn’t expecting was this.

I swear there were 3 parents to every kid in the place. Seriously? Is it necessary for every family member (including grandparents) to accompany a child to a birthday party? I can see if it’s the family of the birthday child, but c’mon when your kid is only a guest? That has got to be the only explanation as to how there possibly could be this many adults at a play place.

UGH! Where is my wine mocha latte?

I did happen to get some great shots of my two munchkins playing and having a great time together. Guess that’s really what it’s all about. If they had fun, it was worth it.

I had a hard time not knocking them off this sit-n-spin so I could ride it.
What? Like you’ve never thought about it.

Do you find your local indoor play places are overun with adults too?

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