Sweets at The Capitol Celebrating The S’mores Cookbook With @doughmesstic

Last week, I was thrilled to be a guest for “Sweets at The Capitol” Celebrating Susan Whetzel’s The S’mores Cookbook at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center. I love s’mores and the flavor combination of chocolate, gooey marshamllow, and graham crackers in any shape or form. I am sure it comes from the early introduction to the treat as a Girl Scout in my youth and growing up camping with my family. The S’mores Cookbook opens with the history of the sweet treat and is filled with tons of gorgeous, drool inducing photos. I also love the fact that recipes for homemade versions of s’mores ingredients are also featured. I am dying to experiment making homemade marshmallows, and now I have a tried and true recipe.

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If you look closely, you may also recognize the Swan House as the location for filming parts of the Hunger Games Catching Fire. It was cool to be able to sit behind President Snow’s desk and see the multiple pieces of movie memorabilia on display in the Swan House. A unique touch to the event was that the food was also all created and named as tribute to the Hunger Games by famed Atlanta catering company, Proof of the Pudding. For more than thirty years Proof of the Pudding has provided fabulous food, professional service, and amazingly creative presentations, proven by the array of appetizers at the event. Tasty bites like Peeta Bread with goat cheese and apple slices, Haymitch’s drunken noodles, and Rue’s Berry Salad were all spectacular, and I especially loved the salad presentation flair served in martini glasses!

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Not only were we able to mingle in the garden and check out Susan’s book, but Dixie Crystal’s had an entire table set up for us to create our own homemade sugar scrubs! The sugar scrub table was such a fun twist for the event. I loved being able to leave with a lovely jar of creamsicle scented sugar scrub that I made myself.

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The evening was filled with chatting, laughter, and of course tweets were flying furiously from us all trying to win one of the three KitchenAid stand mixers being given away. It was also fun meeting some new Georgia Social Media Moms from the area, and snagging a huge group picture together.

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Best part of the evening for me? Winning one of three KitchenAid stand mixers being given away at the event! I was so excited when Susan asked me if I saw her tweet. When I said no, she exclaimed “You won a mixer!”. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Isn’t the mixer gorgeous?! You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a very pretty metallic finish and the frosted mixing bowl is awesome!

Smores Cookbook Party www.InTheKitchenWithKP 4
I had a great night hanging out with my bloggy friends. A huge thank you to Dixie Crystals and KitchenAid for supporting the sweet event. I love my new stand mixer! Now to find counter space in my kitchen and the perfect recipe in The S’Mores Cookbook to make this weekend!

Susan Whetzel is also the author of The Everything Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Desserts Cookbook and The Everything Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Desserts Cookbook. You can connect with Susan and visit her blog at doughmesstic.com and tweet with her on twitter @doughmesstic.


What’s your favorite way to eat the fabulous flavors of a s’more? Are you a traditonalist or experimentalist?


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Disclosure: The Sweets at The Capitol Celebrating The S’Mores Cookbook With Susan Whetzel was free to attend. I was not compensated in any way to attend or write about the event. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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