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I am an equal opportunist when it comes to coffee and flavored creamers.  I love changing the flavor combinations to suit my mood, especially seasonal cravings.  Fall is EAT ALL THE PUMPKIN in my book, so you know I all about the pumpkin spice right now.  The weather is finally a little cooler here in the South, and the change is filling my brain with memories of last year’s fabulous trip to the North Georgia Mountains.

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Last October I wanted to go apple picking, and there is no better way to get in the mood for Fall then heading up to the mountains.  My parents reserved a cabin for a long weekend, and my sister joined in the trek from Florida with her family too.  It warmed my soul to see my children spend time with their cousins.

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The weekend was filled with home cooked meals served family style around a huge, rustic wood dining table.  I was sure to pack my Keurig machine so everyone could brew their favorite coffee.  Doesn’t everyone travel with their single serve brewer?  For more than just mornings, we found ourselves gathered around that table with our mugs filled with warm coffee and pumpkin spice creamer just soaking in the quality family time.

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I can remember teasing my nieces about filling their coffee mugs half full with the pumpkin spice creamer before even adding any coffee.  I was glad to have packed multiple bottles.  I too like my coffee to be a certain color.  A little sweet and creamy coffee helps put things back into perspective for me.  It’s hard living so far from immediate family.  That weekend went a log way to keep my internal battery charged.  It’s amazing what a little coffee and creamer can do for the soul.

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Make the time to reconnect with family or friends, and fill your cup with a bit of warmth and happiness.  Before you know it, you will  feel re-energized and maybe even created a few fabulous Fall memories of your own along the way.


What’s your favorite warm beverage to fill your own mug when the weather turns cool?


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