Jumping In With The #LuvSoFab Photo a Day Challenge

I love sharing photos on Instagram!  I’m a filter and photo edit app addict too.  What I am not so good doing, is participating in the fun photo-a-day projects that float around in all my social circles.  I started one month, and I think I made it to day 3.

June is the month for a turn around!  I am currently working on my first post with Social Fabric, and I am really enjoying the supportive community.  In the spirit of my new community I am jumping in with the Collective Bias and Social Fabric hosted June Photo a Day!


Photo a Day projects are a great way to find inspiration to add a little creativity to your daily Instagram shares. Today is day 1 and the description is PROUD.

I am so proud of my daughter for her interest in science, and always asking questions about everything. She is the one you will see raising her hand whenever we are on a tour or visiting an attraction of any kind. I hope she never loses that curiosity in discovering the details in the everyday. Plus, sharing this photo made me realize, I need to work up a fun tutorial post for these wickedly awesome and melty solar marshmallow s’mores! YUM!

Solar S'more Instagram Fun June Photo A Day LuvSoFab CBias

Do you want to participate in the Collective Bias and Social Fabric hosted June Photo a Day too?  It’s easy to do!

  • Download this fun summer badge for the daily words and inspiration for your photos
  • Post your photos to Instagram, and tag them with the #LuvSoFab and #cbias hashtags
  • Share as you normally would
  • Don’t forget to also share to Twitter and/or Facebook too!

Follow me on Instagram!  I am looking for new ways to connect with y’all!  I’d love to see some your favorite pictures!


What social network do you find yourself sharing the most photos?


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