First Day of School Free Printables from @GooberMonkey78 and @SeriousKrystyn

The kids went back to school 2 weeks ago, but I am just getting caught up on sharing the details. It’s been a crazy few weeks trying to get back into a solid routine.  Baby went back first, and was all smiles on her first day of third grade.  I’m not really sure where the past few years have gone, but someone needs to find a way to slow down time!  Check out the cute Pinterest inspired first day of School free printables!  This year I was prepared!

First Day of School Printable 2

Jed was a sleepy bear for the first day of Pre-K. It’s going to be a big adjustment from having the Summer off and being home with DH. This is the first time Jed will be going to school 5 days a week, hence the awesome photo on his first day of school.

First Day of School Printable 1

My friend Stephanie, from, also has a son starting Pre-K. The sign she created in Photoshop is just amazing! The girl’s got SKILLZ, y’all!  And guess what?  If you also have Photoshop, you are in luck, because she is sharing her file with you to create your own version for your own little monsters heading back to school.  Head on over and check out Stephanie’s First Day of School FREE Printable.

Free back To School Photoshop Printable

Seriously, isn’t this the cutest printable ever?  I would have loved to make something like this!  Stephanie’s got skillz!  Plus her little man is quite adorable too!

I also have to give a shout out and thanks to Krystyn, from Really, Are You Serious?, for sharing her free Back to School Printables as well!  It was super quick and easy to print!  I didn’t want to the be only mom not using first day of school printables!  Hooray to Pinterest for inspiring moms everywhere to get their creativity on!  

Worried your kids already started school, and now you want to use this printable for photos?  Do it!  Like anyone will notice the few days difference between their real first day of school in 10 years!  HA!  If it ever stops raining on the weekend, I am totally drawing the Pinterest inspired Back to School chalk drawing/photo opp Julie, from, created for her daughter.   No one will ever notice my kids were back to school for weeks!  Parenting at it’s best y’all!  Faking photos in the digital age.


How did you document the first day back to school?
Was it Pinterest inspired?

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