Travel Delays…Do You Believe in Fate? #ConnectingFlights #spon

There is a hysterical movie trailer making it’s way around the internet these days called Connecting Flights. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. I’ll admit, I am easily baited into YouTube by all my blogger friends talking about the latest video making them laugh. And trust me, you WILL laugh at this trailer.

The Connecting Flights trailer starts out with old friends meeting by chance in the airport, while dealing with unexpected delays in their flight times. Of course this movie screams romantic comedy, which coincidentally, is also one of my favorite types of movies. But the best kicker of the movie is that both main characters are bloggers! How funny!

I’m a total sucker for any romantic comedy.  One of my all time favorites is You’ve Got Mail, with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.  I actually met my husband online back in the day.  Yes, we chatted over IM way back when AOL was THE SITE to be on, and was FREE!  Don’t laugh!  I know y’all checked out profiles on Love@AOL too!

I have never ran into (or fallen in love with) anyone in an airport, but I do believe in fate.  Out of the millions of people on the internet, my husband and I found each other.  I talked to (and met offline) a number of men, but with each there was no spark to be found.  That changed when I met my husband offline.  This talkative, beer drinking, crazy, extrovert met a reserved, quiet, water drinking, introvert at a bar to play some darts and pool.  What makes this story interesting is that the number of people my husband-to-be chatted with (or met offline) was one.  Me.

I will always believe we were meant to be together.  We just celebrated our nine year anniversary last week.  We didn’t exchange any gifts since we decided to save the money for holiday shopping.

Little does my husband know, that I have already been busy creating some awesome wish lists with the Shop Your Way Personal Shopper program and Sears!  What can I say…I like to be organized for my holiday shopping.  I may, or may not be, shopping from my couch in  sweat pants after overindulging in turkey and cranberries, and then watching a romantic comedy marathon with my husband on Turkey Day.  It shall remain a mystery for now…just like the ending of Connecting Flights.


Have you ever ran into someone unexpectedly at the airport?



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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