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I have already told you how much I love the camera features of the Blackberry Z10.  Since I am so photo focused with my phone, I next wanted to share some great free photo apps for the  BlackBerry Z10 that I found in BlackBerry World.  I am sure you are probably already aware there is no Instagram app available yet.  In the beginning, this small detail made me pretty sad, even though  my fellow ambassador Brotha Tech has shared instructions to side load Instagram multiple times.  I finally challenged myself to actually complete the side load, and I can proudly say I did it, and it works!

So of course the first photo app you should add to your BlackBerry is Instagram.  Need I say more. If I can sideload this onto my BlackBerry Z10, anyone can.  Do you follow me on Instagram?

Instagram on BlackBerry Z10



I’ve started to play with Photo Studio, but I am struggling to have it access all my pictures on my BlackBery Z10.  Once I figure that out, I am guessing it should be relatively simple.  The app offers plenty of filter, frames, and fun options like color splash, allowing you to remove colors from photos and then add select color back to the photo. It also offers essential edit tools like sharpening, and red eye removal, plus ease of sharing directly to Facebook and twitter.

Next up is NightCamera.  This app is pretty interesting, and allows your phone’s camera capabilities to get better pictures by using an algorithm to boost the image brightness additionally.  I started with the green filter on, took a picture and then used the editing features on the Blackberry Z10 to enhance it.  It’s not super clear, but given the amount of light available, I think it turned out pretty cool.

Night Vision Camera

PicMix, from what I can see, is similar to Instagram.  It allows you to socially share you pictures, follow other users, etc.  You can also share your photos to friends on Facebook, Twitter and even adjust setting to share automatically to BBM.

We all know BlackBerry is behind when it comes to the world of apps, but I have to say they are making progress.  As a blogger, I primarily use social apps.  That combined with my creature of habit nature, change is sometimes a little tricky to handle.  I’m not completely convinced to drink the BlackBerry Kool-aid, yet, but I like how times are definitely changing for the brand.


What is your favorite photography app for BlackBerry, Droid or iphone?



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