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I try and feed my family a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh simple ingredients, with still allowing the fun of a few snacks here and there. I recently sampled a few flavors of The Better Chip and the result is a delicious go-to snack I can feel good about my family eating. The Better Chip varieties are made from whole grain corn and fresh vegetables baked right into the chips. Fresh produce is sourced year round to deliver consistent flavored chips in bold and interesting flavors.

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The Better Chip has introduced two new flavors. I already featured the spicy and smoky Chipotles flavor in my Chipotle Corn Chip Turkey Meatballs recipe. If you like smoky heat, then these chips are for you. Whole chipotles are crushed and cooked into each chip to have them explode with flavor. They would be perfect paired with a creamy queso or light spreadable cheese and a fabulous addition to your next Mexican themed dinner or get together.

The second new flavor is beet. Now I will be honest. I was a little skeptical at first. I am not a huge fan of fresh beets, but I do love them pickled. I wasn’t sure how I would like them flavoring my snack chips. I am so glad I tried them. The beet chips were quite tasty and not overpowering at all. My all time favorite chip is still the spinach and kale flavor. The bright green chip contains the two powerhouse vegetables and I couldn’t be happier that my daughter adores them too. We took them as a side in our lunch to our recent Girl Scout day camp and shared them with friends. Everyone loved them. They are so packed full of flavor they are delicious right out of the bag or paired with your favorite hummus or vegetable dip.

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I love that The Better Chip is thicker and sturdier than some other chips on the market. They don’t crack under pressure while dipping which is always a bonus when eating chips and dip. The Better Chip pairs effortlessly with the fresh dips, cheeses and cured meats sold in deli, which is perfect when you are shopping, since that is where you will find The Better Chip stocked too.

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The Better Chip varieties are made in a completely nut-free environment. Their all natural ingredients and process are Certified Gluten Free, Vegan friendly (except for Sweet Onions with White Cheddar seasoning), and verified Non-GMO. The Fresh Corn chips are currently undergoing testing for certification.

The Better Chip is now available in 8,500+ grocery stores nationwide, but remember to look for them in the deli section instead of the regular chip aisle. Any of The Better Chip varieties are the perfect fit for any occasion all while making you feel good about serving them or sharing them with your family.

Do you love snacks with bold, fresh flavors and want to join The Better Chip’s Insiders program? You can gain access to exclusive offers and prize simply by signing up here!


What’s your favorite snack to share with your family that makes you feel confident you are giving them the best choice?


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