My Fruit Tree Awesomeness With @DoleFoods

I received a tweet today from @DoleFoods with a link, and this is where it led me.

To a beautiful picture of this green awesomeness with my Twitter handle hanging on it!

My donated fruit Tree from Dole 1

Dole partnered with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and friends at BlogHer ’12 that helped donate to the organization for the trees.  They planted a new orchard for the United Indian Health Services Community.  To thank each of the bloggers who helped us donate, they have planted a tree in our honor.  I have never been so excited!

Seriously!  I have a tree.  I feel like the Lorax, but a little less orange and a lot less furry.

The Lorax at BlogHer NYC 12

Go check out the fruits of their labor and see more blogger trees that were planted in the new Crescent City, California orchard.


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