Feeling The Beat And Changing My Mood With My #DroidDNA #VZWA

Rain.  A mood killer for me.  I know I am in trouble when I wake up and it’s raining.  Rain in Atlanta means incremental wait times in the already hot mess of traffic, that I sit in for my daily commute to the office.  There are two things that can easily improve my morning nightmare commute – a large cup of steaming coffee flavored with my favorite creamer, and upbeat music.

On days when the traffic is especially heavy, it never fails that the radio never plays any good music, and it’s even more sad when my usual funny, morning show cast doesn’t lift my mood.  On a recent rainy morning commute, I knew I needed some of my favorite tunes to alleviate my crankiness.  So I thought, why not use my Droid DNA to listen to what I want to hear?  Brilliant!  Obviously the caffeine was kicking in on schedule that morning.

I easily opened my Pandora play lists, and chose the one that always makes me smile.  Immediately the car was filled with the awesomeness of Maroon 5 thanks to the built–in Beats Audio™ on the Droid DNA.  The speaker delivers stereo sounds the way the artists intended, with booming bass, and clear, crisp vocals.  Plus, with the lightning fast speed of Verizon 4G LTE, I don’t get the choppy in and out reception.  Who needs that when you are in the middle of car-dancing to your favorite jams?  Not me, that’s for sure.

Beats Audio™ on the Droid DNA amplifies all types of media, including videos, podcasts, and games.  I have had to tell my son to turn down the volume while playing Bad Piggies more than once, as the deafening crashes and explosions fill the restaurant booth.  Late night, I’m also get to catch up on movies I missed when they were in the theater via Netflix.  I like how the Beats Audio™ allows the sound effects and musical scores of movies to shine with with authentic theater-like quality, not the mention clarity of the picture on the amazing 5-inch screen with 1080p HD display.

If I commuted by train, watching part of a movie on the way to work would be totally awesome, but I drive and need to be focused on the task at hand.  It may take me an hour to get to work some days, but at least I have easy access to my favorite tunes with the Droid DNA.  A nice bonus of listening to my favorite tunes in the car is being in a great mood by the time I arrive to the office, even if the forecast calls for rain…and increased traffic.

What’s your Go To Way to improve your mood when you are in a funk?

Disclosure: I was selected to participate in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program. I was provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Did you miss the Droid DNA’s incredible camera capabilities that I talked about on my last post HERE.

Stay tuned as I continue to share more cool features on the DROID DNA By HTC 4G LTE in the coming months.

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