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Favorite Beauty Products for the Easiest Skincare Routine

Favorite Beauty Products for the Easiest Skin Care Routine | In The Kitchen With KP | Easy Skin Care Tips

I used to take baby soft, clear skin for granted. Before pregnancy, I never struggled with having a pimple let alone a whole clan on my chin. The old wives’ tale says that if you have acne during pregnancy, it’s a girl and she is stealing your beauty. Well, it’s true; she’s gorgeous and I […]


Oreo Stuffed Brownie Bites

Oreo Stuffed Brownie Bites | In The Kitchen With KP | Dessert Treat Recipe

It’s fall, and in the South that means cool, damp weather and LOTS of baking! I have never been a huge chocolate lover (gasp), but during my pregnancy the only craving I had was chocolate. Ever since then, I can’t end my day without a little bit of chocolate. The other night I was digging […]