Why In The Kitchen?

Did you know that the picture I use on my header is my personal kitchen? I love that. It shares a peek into one of my passions – food.

When I was little I had a science kit. When I unwrapped that present on Chrsitmas day it was awesome! In the kit was a microscope and a bunch of assorted chemicals in tiny bottles. There were directions on how to mix all the chemicals to provide different results. It fuled my curiosity to how items work together to create different results. This was all great.

Then I hit 10th grade chemistry.

Hello reality.  The periodic table was so much larger than my little sample set.  Note to the manufacturer…that little detail could have been mentioned in the kit directions.  Moving on.

Back then I tried memorizing, but I struggled. My dream of being a scientist went out the window.  The sad part was, that at the time, I didn’t know I could have been relating it all to food.  Things are easier to learn when they capture your interest and you are engaged.  In all the meetings with my guidance counselor on future careers available, never once was a food scientist ever mentioned.

In my high school years, cable was just becoming available (yes, I am that old).  I remember loving to go across the street to babysit because they had MTV, but there was no Food Network.  There was no Alton Brown (who is A-mazing by the way) explaining all the science I loved so much in realtion to food.

Would I change it all if I could go back in time with a do-over? 

Maybe.  Then I could be off creating new flavored cream cheeses like my good friend, Naomi.

But… if I did, then I probably wouldn’t be here now writing, which is where I find true happiness. 

Are you living your passion? If so, how did you know it was what you were meant to do?

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