Sugar Coma Festival – Spring 2011

Love all things sweet?  Then you would have loved the Sugar Coma Festival – Spring 2011 Edition!  Shameeka Ayers (aka The Broke Socialite) put on a super sweet affair and I was there to enjoy every lip smackin’ bite.

30 plus vendors were gathering in an open gallery to sample their treats.  I needed to be there.  I had previously attended The Broke Socialites Sugar Coma Redux and knew that this event would be even more awesome.

Being a Sunday I was a little worried. I try and give DH a little free time since he is with this kids all week while I am at the office. When I registered for the event, I saw children were welcome, and up to age ten they were free of charge. Problem solved. DH was able to enjoy a kids free day watching the G Braves, while I wrangled had the children with me.

I did get a few minutes to scarf down some bite sized cupcakes check out some vendors sans kids.

Elegant Event Sitters sponsored an out of the way area complete with crafts for kids. Baby and Jed both enjoyed icing and decorating cookies and coloring adorable cupcake shaped cards.

There were cookies by Tank Goodness Atlanta, which by the way is a business that will deliver warm cookies and cold milk to your door.

There were cake pops and cupcakes for miles! Lenox Cupcakes even had a Bacon Maple Cupcake and of course I had to try it!

There was cotton candy by Crave Cotton Candy Factory.

And OH MY there was ice cream High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet and The Pop Shop.

Many of the vendors are still building their businesses. They rent space in commercial kitchens as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar store fronts. They need us to support them. I could go on for hours attempting to describe all the delicious flavors that I sampled, but I would not due their creators justice.

However, I think this picture sums it all up quite nicely.


I bought a ticket to this event.
All sampling and tastings were included in the price of the event.
If you don’t get yourself a ticket to the next event you might end up kicking yourself.

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