Monday 25 May 2015
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First Day of Day Care – Wordless Wednesday

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DH starts his new job this week, so that means some big changes are happening in our morning routine. One of the biggest changes is that Jed is starting full time day care. He’s definitely ready to be in a more social setting, and of course a little more diciplined daily routine couldn’t hurt my little mischief maker either.

Monday morning, my sweet boy was up and ready to go to school, but was feeling a little bashful for the camera.

I finally got him to put his arm down so I could snap a quick picture of his face, but still the silly smirk remained.

Man, I love that face!

Has anything shaken up your family’s daily routine lately?

9 thoughts on “First Day of Day Care – Wordless Wednesday

    1. karenhartzell Post author

      He had a great first 2 day and then said last night…”Mommy. I no go to school tomorrow.”
      Too late buddy. You’re going.
      He is doing very well though and likes it a lot even though he was trying to hide under the covers this am when I wanted to get him dressed.

    1. karenhartzell Post author

      No way, Des! I give majori kudos to the homeschool mom! I don’t have the patience and no my limitations for sure!


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