Relaxing Sunday and Sharing an Asian Themed #SundaySupper

I love a lazy Sunday.  I don’t have many, given the busy schedule of our family.  Any free time I do get, I enjoy sharing tidbits of our life and delicious recipe ideas through this blog.  If you are a regular, you probably already know that I participate in a weekly group promoting the movement of #SundaySupper.  Our fearless leader Isabel, from Family Foodie, started #SundaySupper, and feels “It is about so much more than just the food that is served.  It is something that the entire family looks forward to. It is about commitment to each other, positive communication and time together.”  

I share Isabel’s belief, and we try and eat as many meals around the table as a family as possible.  You would think it would be easy, since my kids are young, but it’s not.  Keeping my kids at the table, and teaching them how to engage in conversation, is just as hard sometimes, as getting an active teenager there.

Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites Like many, Sunday’s are family time for us, and not just for dinner.  We like to get out an explore when the weather is nice.  Plus, since DH is usually the one cooking during the week, I usually take over dinner duty on weekends, including our #SundaySupper.  This week, the crew is featuring  Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites Around the Family Table for Sunday Supper this week.   Twenty #SundaySupper Contributors received Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook and are sharing recipes from the book.

I sat out participating this week.  My plate was a little full for the weekend, but my family loves Asian food.  I often throw together an easy stir fry over baked brown rice, or sometimes a more elaborate dish with fresh noodles from a local Asian grocery store.  It’s so easy to change up the same ingredients you always use, and give them new life with an alternate flavored sauce.

So if your family is like mine, and enjoys Asian flavors, then check out the list of #SundaySupper Contributors who will be giving away a copy of Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook and the recipes they will be sharing:

Tofu-Mushroom Miso Soup 

Crispy Rice Patties

Thai Larb Lettuce Chicken Cups

Miso Cod

Sake Steamed Mussels

Salmon Honey Teriyaki

Korean Beef Bites

Mapo Tofu

Mango Brulee

The group is sharing more Steamy Kitchen inspired recipes.  The following Sunday Supper Contributors are adding to the great list above by sharing some their favorite recipes from the Steamy Kitchen website.

Sunday Supper Movement The #SundaySupper crew is also lucky to have the author, Jaden Hair (@SteamyKitchen) joining the chat this Sunday at 7pm Eastern Time on twitter.  All are welcome to participate by following the #SundaySupper hashtag and just jumping right in to the conversation!   It’s always a fun time!

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