Pinterest Board Theme Thursday – Summer Grilling…Had Me a Blast

Summer is gone.  I’d insert my sad face here, but Fall is really my favorite time of year, so I am not upset at all.  We can finally stop sweating in the GA sweltering heat and enjoy some sweatshirt weather.  I first started my Summer Grilling board while particpating in the Applegate hot dog campaign.  If you have not tried them, you should because they are pretty delicious dogs!

Anyhoooo…DH and I love grilling, but sometimes we unintentionally limit our grilling options to meat.  I used this board to jump start my brain on all the different things you can grill and found some really delicious new ideas to try.

I will start you off with these creamy Loaded Baked Potato Skins of mine!  Who knew how good they would beon the grill!  Not fried and oh so yummy!

Next up some beautiful Grilled Pineapple from photo credit

How about indulging in some of this incredible looking Mexican Grilled Corn?  Holy frijoles!  Photo credit Taste and Tell.


Lastly, I could not feature my Summer Grilling board without showcasing these adorable Grilling Themed Cupcakes!  Oh, the cuteness!  Photo credit Disney family Fun.

OK.  So, I have to feature one picture of meat.  C’mon….it’s a grilling board!  I found this guide from Martha Stewart helpful, and hopefully you will too.  There is more detail on the cuts if you click through to the site linked to the picture.

1. Skirt
2. Rib Eye
3. Top Sirloin
4. Porterhouse
5. New York Strip
6. Hanger
7. Filet Mignon
8. Flank




It may be Fall, but we’ll be grilling well into the Winter months here in the South. Check out more recipes and grilling ideas on my Summer Grilling board HERE.

What’s your favorite food item to grill?


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