15 Brightly Colored Candy Corn Themed Recipes

I feel I am in the small minority when I share my excitement over spotting the first bags of candy corn in the stores.  My own daughter even betrayed me this weekend by picking off the candy corn adorning a sugar cookie from a Halloween Hike at our local nature center.  She said she wanted to save them for me, but I wasn’t falling for it.  She didn’t even try it.  So this roundup is for my sweet girl and her already dislike of candy corn.  I will convert you.  I am on a mission to do so, and if I need to make every one of these 15 bright and colorful Candy Corn Themed Recipes to have her fall in love with candy corn, then so be it.

15 Candy Corn Themed Recipes www.InTheKitchenWithKP   Since I am actually a fan of the sweet little triangles, I don’t understand why people give candy corn such a bad rap.  I would love to understand what makes others not like it?  Is it just pure loyalty to the other amazing candies at Halloween?  If you have insight to share, I would gladly love to hear it.  Until then, just feel free to love the candy corn in theory and enjoy this delightful roundup of Candy Corn Themed Recipes.  And don’t worry…if you are a disliker of the corn, no worries.  Some of the recipes just use it as decoration.

What is your favorite recipe to make with candy corn?

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