Ending #99SummerDays With a Bang and Sweet Banana Pudding Parfaits

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I knew this day was coming. The end of Summer. We’re already back to school, but soon the neighborhood pool will close, and the leaves will start to turn. We won’t have a nip in the air for a while here in the South, but you know it’s coming. This Friday, I am taking advantage of the last Summer hours Friday to get my party plan on! One last shindig to dig into hot dogs cooked on the grill and these sweet Banana Pudding Parfaits.

Banana Pudding Parfait #99SummerDays 1

We finally started to see the sun around here this week, and if I can get it to stick around, I would love to host our Labor Day shindig on the deck.  If the patio umbrella is up, and the current breezy temps stay, it will be so nice to relax on the deck.  With so much rain all Summer, we have not eaten one meal on the deck.  Boo.

I decided to go with a classic red gingham picnic theme, sprinkled in with some stars and stripes for fun.  The menu will feature a variety of classic picnic foods like grilled hot dogs, potato salad, assorted appetizers, and of course mason jars of icy sweet tea!  And check this out!  I found this fantastic idea for a top your own hot dog bar!  It will be perfect since our favorite Hebrew National hot dogs are on the menu!  I am sure I can find some free printables and craft ideas on Pinterest to decorate my tablescape, and give it my own twist.  I love me some Pinterest!

Photo courtesy of Party City
Photo courtesy of Party City

So, let’s see.  I have the date set.  I picked a theme and decorating ideas.  The main food choices are narrowed down, and I have the super easy Banana Pudding parfaits for dessert.  The only thing missing is an activity to entertain everyone.  I’d love to decorate one of the walls in the house, to be the backdrop for a photo booth, equipped with fun props for the kids, as well as adults.  I know everyone would have a good time taking some silly photos!  And then there is always Max (my margarita and snow cone maker) who adds life to any party!  I think I am all set!  Did I forget anything?

Margarita Chicken Inspired by Margaritaville

Yes, I did!  I forgot to tell you how to make those sweet southern banana pudding parfaits!  Mercy me!  Remember those cute little cups at the top of this post, before I got all sidetracked with Max? Get your pencil ready, because this is going to go quick!

First, make a batch of instant banana pudding.  I’m cool with instant, because I want to hang out with my party guests, but you can totally make homemade banana pudding from scratch like Ms. Christy over at Southern Plate.  Simple trick for  layering the pudding into your cups or mason jars, is to use a resealable bag.  I place a resealable bag inside a big plastic cup (those 32 oz souvenir style), fold the edges of the bag over the cup rim, pour the freshly mixed pudding into the bag.  Seal the bag, removing as much air as possible, and place the cup into the fridge for the pudding to set.  When you are ready to pipe in the pudding, just cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag.  Voila!

Banana Pudding Parfait #99SummerDays 2

Alternate adding layers of pudding with crushed graham crackers.  If you have fresh bananas on hand, feel free to throw some slices into the pudding layers for an extra tasty treat.

Banana Pudding Parfait #99SummerDays 3

Top with some whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed graham crackers, and your parfaits are complete.  Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.  Can you tell I really like my resealable bag trick for piping?  Totally works for the whipped cream too!

Banana Pudding Parfait #99SummerDays 4

The banana pudding parfait completes my party menu, and now all that’s left for me to do is finish the grocery shopping, and browse Pinterest  for the free printables and decorations for my hot dog bar.  This party’s gonna ROCK, so make sure you follow me on Instagram, to see how I do making the hot dog bar.  I’ll be sure to have a variety of toppings, since one of the main reasons I love Hebrew National hot dogs, is for their versatility.  You don’t just have to eat them one way.  I will be sharing pictures for sure!

#99Summer Days #HebrewNational Kosher Recipe Trio

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