Broccoli and Pesto Ricotta Grilled Pizza #SundaySupper With @KatieWorkman100

I’ve been crazy busy trying to catch up after being away at #BlogHer12 and I am hoping to have my recaps up in the next few days! There is so much to tell y’all! But first, it’s #SundaySupper time!

This week we are featuring back to school recipes for one more #SundaySupper with Katie Workman, the author of The Mom 100 Cookbook. This cookbook is filled with tons of kid friendly recipes, and Katie also offers more great suggestions for Easy Back to School Recipes on her blog post Gearing Up For Back-to-School.  Not only am I fan of Katie’s cookbook, we were actually able to meet while in New York City at BlogHer!  She is such a sweetheart.  How I completely forgot to get a picture of us together, I have NO IDEA!

I guess you’ll just have to settle for a picture if my Broccoli and Pesto Ricotta Grilled Pizza!

I like making pizza in our house because the varieties of toppings are unlimited. Everyone can customize their own pizza and be happy. This recipe is so easy, it’s perfect for an easy weeknight meal after the craziness of the school year kicks into high gear!

1 pound of pizza dough (store bought or homemade)
Olive Oil, for coating the dough and baking sheet
Coarsely ground cornmeal or all-purpose flour, for rolling dough
1 cup tomato sauce
2 cups shredded cheese
Mushrooms, Pepperonis, Basil or whatever toppings you’d like

1. Divide the pizza dough into two balls. Gently coat each with olive oil, and let dough come room temperature either in a large bowl or on the counter. Let it rest for about 1 hour.
2. Lightly coat a baking sheet with olive oil. Sprinkle work surface with cornmeal (or flour). Gently begin to stretch or roll each ball of dough into a circle. Give the dough some breaks in between stretches. Don’t worry about it being perfect.
3. Preheat the grill to medium-high.
4. Pour tomato sauce into a bowl, bring it to the grill with the cheese and toppings.
5. Brush the top of the dough with oil. Pick up the dough and flip it, oil-side-down, onto the grill. Close the grill lid. Let pizza cook for 3 minutes.
6. After 3 minutes check the pizza bottom for nice grill marks. Then, brush the uncooked top side with oil and turn over the crust. Lower the heat to medium-low.
7. Carefully brush surface with tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese, and add toppings.
8. Close the cover and cook for 4 minutes or until cheese is melted and the crust is nicely browned.
9. Remove pizza from grill and sprinkle with fresh basil. Cut and Serve.

When making my grilled pizza I kind of forgot to grill the dough first! Ooops! Guess I should have paid attention to the recipe a little more. 🙂

We used DH’s homemade dough and pizza sauce recipes to start. The kids and DH ended up with a simple pizza topped with fresh mozzarella cheese. I wanted a little more green so I opted for topping my pizza with broccoli, pesto ricotta and fresh mozzarella. I’ve featured pictures of plain pizza in the past, so I decided to feature my delicious combo!

The toppings I used were super easy to throw together but produced huge flavor. I mixed a little store bought pesto with ricotta cheese. Spread the mixture on the dough and topped it with steamed broccoli and fresh mozzarella. Of course I should have followed Katie’s directions of grilling the dough first. It was a little difficult to move from the cookie sheet to the grill. Once on the grill it toasted up wonderfully. I’m also glad I brushed the crust with flavored dipping oil. The oil helped brown and crisp the crust, plus gave it just a little extra kiss of basil to complement the pesto ricotta blend.

I also couldn’t resist throwing on some mushrooms with the ricotta pesto to mix it up a little.

You can’t possibly go wrong when serving crispy grilled pizza. Not too bad for a first attempt if I do say so myself! So now, head on out and check out some of my bloggy friends to see what they are sharing for this week’s back to school #SundaySupper! I know you won’t be disappointed!

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Have a delicious recipe to share with our Sunday Supper group? We’d love to have you participate in the fun! Join our live chat, this week at 7:00 PM EST. We are also honored to have Katie as our guest for this week’s chat. Follow along on twitter by using hashtag #Sundaysupper or using Tweetchat.
Hope to see you there!

Want to connect with Katie Workman, the author of The Mom 100 Cookbook?  You can find her everywhere!

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