Monday 25 September 2017
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Dude…Stephen King Was At Our Local Walmart!

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I am not joking!

Stephen King really was in our local Walmart. The legendary author, of such amazing books as “Misery”, “It” and “The Green Mile”, was in town a few weeks ago for a signing of his new novel, “11/22/63”.

DH was one of hundreds of people to line up outside the store for the chance, to stand in line again later that evening, for an autograph. Mr. King would only be signing copies of “11/22/63”, and the store was limiting autographs to the first 400 people. DH excitedly called me with news he received wrist band number 344, which was shocking to him, because apparently, there were a ton of superfans sleeping in tents outside the store when he arrived!

Againnot joking!

You can see more details here on Stephen King’s FB page here or from Katie VanBrackle’s article here on Ms. VanBrackle also shares some great pictures of the event.

Who would you stand in line for hours to see or get an autograph?