Kid’s Are Messy, But @BizStainFighter Makes Sure They Don’t Stay That Way #BizChallenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine.

Kids are inherently messy. We can try and teach them to be neat and well behaved, but eventually nature takes over and the mess occurs. usually this is without any warning, which is why I'm glad to have Biz on hand in my laundry room.
Recently baby took a tumble off her bike and skinned her knee pretty bad. It took weeks to heal because so many layers of skin were scraped. A long term healing knee presents a problem when there is karate practice to attend twice a week. After multiple kicks, bends, and stretches, the wound would inevitably always break open. The knee area of Baby's white karate pants would end up speckled with blood after every practice. I’ll admit, I am not one to take the time pre-treat stains. If it comes out with a regular wash, great. If not, the piece of clothing just ends up in the pile of “play clothes”. I couldn't do this with Baby’s karate gear though. She needs to wear it to every class. I didn’t want her to be the girl with the dingy white pants.
I just pre-treated the speckled blood stains with Biz and let it work for 5 to 10 minutes. I gently rubbed the fabric together so the liquid was well saturated into the material. Then I tossed the pants into the washer with a regular load of whites. Biz not only removed the blood spots on more than one occasion, but keeps Baby's pants looking bright, even on the super dirty edges of the pant legs that drag on the floor. 
Biz cleans laundry up to 80% better than washing clothes with a detergent alone. Different types of stains need different ingredients to clean them. Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients in their formula than any other brands. I can count on Biz as a pre-wash stain treatment to get everything out that my kids can get on their clothes.
Biz has been fighting tough stains for years, but the bottles have had a makeover sporting an updated logo and color scheme. Be on the lookout for it because you wouldn’t want to walk by it on the shelf. I'm happy that Biz successfully removes all traces of messy accidents, and my family's clothes can be left looking fresh and clean. What's even better than keeping your family's clothes clean and bright? Saving money while you do so! Check out where to buy Biz, and as a special bonus, I'm sharing a special coupon for all of you to save $1 on Biz! Sweet deals all around!
How do you use Biz to keep your laundry looking bright and stain free? 
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